27 July 2020

Trademark matters. M4EG Pioneer Project RBISC helps startups of ATU Gagauzia to develop their brands.

The importance of the trademark cannot be underestimated. Each company wants to self-identify among a large number of competitors and tries to gain popularity among consumers. This is especially true for start-up companies. However, not every start-up entrepreneur has the opportunity to find the means to promote their product or service.

The M4EG Pioneer Project for the establishment of the Regional Business Information and Support Centre of ATU Gagauzia (RBISC), which is being implemented by the Executive Committee, within the framework of the initiative “Mayors for Economic Growth”, actively assists entrepreneurs of the region in promoting their business, namely, develops brands and brandbooks that allow them to become recognisable and attract the attention of customers.

At the beginning of this year, the RBISC centre developed a brand for promoting the Kex by Lex coffee house, which just recently opened, but has already become a favourite place for residents and visitors of Vulcanesti.



In this establishment you can relax with your colleagues, friends or children, eat and enjoy a coffee. Creative design of the signs and showcases, staff uniforms and various packaging is distinctive and easily recognisable. We hope that the result of the joint work of the experts-designers, the RBISC center and Olesia Mocan, the head of the enterprise, will be appreciated by the regular cafés - lovers of relaxation with a taste for coffee from Kex by Lex.

Another brand has been added to the implemented activities of the RBISC project. The brand is designed for the unique tourist mini complex created by the young company HAKIKAT SRL in Chadyr-Lunga, which will soon open its doors to local and foreign tourists. During the development of the brand, the wishes of the entrepreneur on the application of elements of the Gagauz national ornament were taken into account. Viktor Rusev, the young and very determined head of HAKIKAT, assessed the results of the joint work: “Glad that cooperation and consultations with professionals allow us to take our first steps in the new field to be confident and efficient. I liked that the design took into account all our wishes, from the idea of the logo to the colour scheme. I am immensely grateful to the RBISC team that we have been able to work with to develop our brand and logo. And this will allow to present our services at a higher level.”


Note that the package of services included the development of the logo and brandbook itself, which presents the visualisation of the brand: placement and application of the logo on business printing, souvenir products, on promotional materials in the form of booklets, billboards, panels and various indicators.

The Regional Business Information and Support Centre of the ATU Gagauzia is not limited to supporting only entrepreneurs. Within the framework of the project, our efforts are also directed towards the promotion of national Gagauz products and crafts, which are the heritage of the people of Gagauzia. In particular, the project developed logos for Gagauz national meat products BAUR and KAURMA. Recipes for these products are handed down from generation to generation.

All brands will help to popularise these national products, both within and outside the region, and will help to better understand the traditions of the Gagauz people.

Demand for Baur and Kaurmu is increasing not only among the local population, but also among foreign guests who discover Gagauzia.

This is not the end of the work with the brands, we are now in the process of developing another brand to support and promote the revived traditions of Gagauzia carpet weaving. The experts have already begun work on its establishment. The finished logo will also become a symbol of the Gagauz Kilimneri carpet festival, which is held annually in the village of Haydar. This year, due to the pandemic, the festival will be organised in a new format, with the assistance of the RBISC project, an exhibition of unique Gagauz carpets online.