Special Note from the Secretariat

30 December 2020

Special Note from the Secretariat

In December, the M4EG Secretariat of so-called Phase I (2017-2020) is wrapping up its operations, and we’re taking this opportunity to thank all the M4EG signatories, partners, stakeholders, and other interested people for staying and working with us over these four years! It’s been a long and exciting journey, during which we worked hard together, tried new things, learned from one another, shared good practices, grew professionally, got to know each other better, and formed meaningful bonds and networks!

We feel very proud of our joint achievements, and a little bit sad that our time has come to an end. At the same time, we are extremely glad that the EU “Mayors for Economic Growth” Initiative itself is not finishing, and there will be an M4EG Phase II, continuing the good work with M4EG Signatories from Phase I.

M4EG Phase II will be implemented by another organisation, and is planned to last for another 4 years. All the details about the new implementing team, the scope of the Initiative and the corresponding timelines can be expected in early 2021, after the completion of the transition period.

So, stay tuned and get ready for a new challenge!