The online version of the M4EG practical training on Local Economic Development Planning is now available at the M4EG official website in 6 languages.

The online course is built on the tailor-made capacity building programme developed for the M4EG Signatories and delivered to them by European experts. The course is operational in the English, Russian, Armenian, Georgian, Romanian and Ukrainian languages.

It takes the users through the “Mayors for Economic Growth” main principles and approaches to local economic development planning, and guides them through the major sections and parts of the Plan, providing video tutorials and exercises, and testing the learners’ progress with quizzes. Upon the course completion, successful learners will receive an official M4EG certificate.

At present, the training is only available to the M4EG Signatories and partner organizations. If interested, please contact the M4EG Secretariat for more information.

Online practical course on Local Economic Development Planning